Style is not about what you wear but how you wear it. Style is an expression of your personality and an extension of your way of life.

Silhouette Trends Stylist aims to style the best in your body shapes, bringing out the best of your personality, as well as styling your home.

Colours and Shapes, Trends and Styles unify the business as we style you and your home according to client’s standards.

We provide these Services include: Colour Analysis, Personal Styling, Wardrobe Detox, Wardrobe Remix, Total Image Makeover, Personal Shopping, Hairdressing, Make-Up and more…

Check out Trendy, Edgy, and Classic and Creative styles straight from the Runway, High Street Fashion, Art, Nature, Beauty, Luxury, office Runway and our bits for the environment.

Silhouettetrend is on Facebook, Twitter, PinterestInstagram, Tumblr

Please like the pages and follow us for current fashion trends, Celebrities Silhouettes Fashion statements, Fashion finds, Vintage and more..

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/silhouettetrend
Twitter:      https://twitter.com/Silhouettetrend
Instagram: www.instagram.com/silhouettetrend
Pinterest:   www.pinterest.com/silhouettetrend
Tumblr:  http://silhouettetrends.tumblr.com/


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