One Jumpsuit Chick

So Beyonce and other celebrities have been cavorting around in their onesies. High street retailers have since seized the opportunity realized from this new trend, they’ve stocked up the shops big time on the fashion trend.
I have to own up, I tried some of them on because I liked the idea of owning one but none of them suited my body shape and my personality. Fortunately, I get to take joy in styling a young client with the right body frame in this jumpsuit – Joy of being a stylist is, if you can’t wear it, you can at least style it.

My young client rocked this jumpsuit on Christmas day, She looked absolutley comfortable in her onesie. Wat do you think of her style?


But having tried so many with no result makes me question:  Are jumpsuits designed for pear body shapes with not so straight legs like mine and should we leave the onesies to the young ones?
Here’s her verdict on the jumpsuit.

Here she wore: Topshop Jumpsuit and paired with ankle boots. You can buy the jumpsuit Here







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