Strictly Come Dancing

Gold is a number for me during this Christmas season. Afterall, it ties in quite well with the gifts of the season. Never thought I would put these pictures up because I didn’t prepare for it. But I had a blast during the family Christmas photo-shoot moment. I had planned a photo-shoot makeover for a client who cancelled at the last minute and instead of cancelling everything all together I decided to surprise my family to a treat. Here is my little gold dress for the moment. A friend who saw me in this dress said it’s very Strictly Come Dancing dress and I said yes it is. What do you think? Is this kind of dress only limited to Strictly come dancing or can we wear it to dazzle during occasions such as this Christmas time? Here’s my gift to you all. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you everyone. CM3_5569 CM3_5570 CM3_5571 CM3_5572 CM3_5573 CM3_5574 CM3_5575 CM3_5578 CM3_5580 CM3_5581 CM3_5582


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