What To Do When Your Wardrobe Overflows Yet You Have Nothing to Wear

Is this you? “My wardrobe is always full yet I struggle with what to wear on a daily basis”. What can I do? If you are in this situation, that means you’ve come to realize that you need to do something different in order to get your desired result. This means you want to wake up, get ready to go out, walk up to your wardrobe and find your clothes easily without any hassle. right?

Big pile of clothes thrown on the ground with a t-shirt saying n

Close up on a untidy cluttered wardrobe with colorful clothes and accessories, many clothes and nothing to wear.

  1. First of all, Relax! You are not alone in this struggle. Most women are guilty of this situation. We have clothes overflowing to the brim of our wardrobes yet we keep buying and we find nothing to wear. Buying and hoarding is our guilty pleasure but there comes a time when we must draw a line to buying.

KateBosworthsCloset-1024x7682) Take Stock: The second thing to do is to take stock of what you have in your wardrobe. Get to know your clothes. Separate your old clothes from the new clothes. Remove the clothes you no longer fit into and bag them up for charity. Put into storage things that are of sentimental value to you and create some space in your wardrobe.


3) Start with the basics. Once you have some space in your wardrobe, start with the basics. Stock your new wardrobe with basics and add on layers.


Start with the basics – Primary colors, t-shirts and blouses.

4) Know your personal style. The truth is fashion never stays, only personal style does. Understanding who you are and what your personal style is will help you to sort out your wardrobe pieces a great deal. You can avoid stocking your wardrobe with unwanted old clothes or trends that is out of fashion and style that you’ve outgrown.


5) Remix your wardrobe. Wardrobe remix is when you reach out to your creative inner self, go out of your normal dress style routine and try something different with the same closet. Trying something different could mean colour blocking, pattern mixing, adding key accessories or looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, the list really is endless. The key thing to remember is bring out the old, recycle and make a new statement, just the way fashion recycles every ten odd years.


Projecting the right image creates your world and opens up unexpected opportunities for you. Maya Angelou once said “I have lived in this body all my life and know it better than any fashion designer! I am only willing to purchase the item which becomes me and to wear that which enhances my image of myself to myself.” Two key things to embrace when it comes to wardrobe remix or wardrobe detox is your body shape and your style personality.

Stylish interior (1)

Your current lifestyle and your future success projection will help you to decide the right kind of image to project to your world. If in any doubt on how to begin or where to start from, a critical option to consider is to hire a personal stylist who will take you through memory lane in your wardrobe and open your visual eyes to the most beautiful you.

To express inner beauty with smart clothing choices, without becoming slaves to trends that don’t fit your body or personality, and for a Spring Clean of your wardrobe; Silhouette Trend Stylistis solving the age-old mystery of why women have wardrobes full of clothing but nothing to wear. We are offering 20% off Wardrobe detox and Wardrobe remix this spring.

To discover the magic in your wardrobe and get the enviable wardrobe you have always wanted, Let Silhouette Trend Stylist show you what is really hiding in your wardrobe and a true reflection of your inner self. Let your Style so shine!


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