Wardrobe Styling

Taking control of your life starts with the wardrobe.
Generating and creating inner peace begins with putting order in your life. When you come to a point in your life where it seems you need some sort of order and peace, it may be time to look in your wardrobe and start to put things into perspective.

Projecting the right image creates your world and opens up unexpected opportunities for you. Maya Angelou once said “I have lived in this body all my life and know it better than any fashion designer! I am only willing to purchase the item which becomes me and to wear that which enhances my image of myself to myself.”

Have you been shopping lately despite your bulging wardrobe?
Are you feeling exhausted, irritated, bored or tired from trying to put together an outfit that boosts your confidence and projects the right image?
Are you surrounded by heaps of discarded clothes in your wardrobe yet you don’t have a thing to wear?
Are you at the stage of finding your personal style and/or experimenting with current fashion trends in your wardrobe?

The first step to discovering the magic in your wardrobe is to contact Silhouette Trend Stylist today for a free wardrobe assessment and get the enviable wardrobe you have always wanted.

In wardrobe styling, a fresh pair of eyes takes an in depth look at your wardrobe to create more outfits with the clothes you have and find items that are missing.

I will also show you what items flatter or detract from your body shape.​

First Things First: What Is Your Body Shape?

32 Reasons Why We Should Dress Up Everyday

Shoe Guide: Choose the right shoes for your body shape


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