Shoe Guide: Choose the right shoes for your body shape


Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! In them we live, we breathe and walk the journey of life. We can’t leave without them and men don’t understand the obsession. We have at least 10 pairs of them in different colours, cuts and styles.

Some of us have a wardrobe full of them yet we still wish we have the walk in wardrobe full of them like Victoria Beckham, Maria Carey, Paris Hilton amongst other celebrities.

Paris Hilton shoe closet

Paris Hilton shoe closet

Maria Carey Shoes Closet

Maria Carey Shoes Closet

Christina Aguilera Shoe Closet

Christina Aguilera Shoe Closet

One of the things you learn as a stylist is the shoe style for individuals. As part of the styling package for your client, you must show them different types of shoe style, guide them through what shoe style suits their need and assist them to settle in the sort of shoe style actually suits their wardrobe.

know your shoe style

It was Kimora lee who said shoes are fabulous even if they are not always comfortable but you can live wisely and get the fabulous, stylish yet comfortable shoes that suits your body shape.

Kimora Lee Simmons 3

So what type of shoe suits your need, your wardrobe or even your body shape? Choosing the right shoe will make your legs look longer and leaner while balancing out your figure. Whatever shoe style you choose, go with the comfort.

I hope the shoe guide helps, should you require further details, Please do not hesitate to contact me on


know your shoe style


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