My Style Story

My Style Story, My Personality
Because Style is a personality, Let your style so shine!

Projecting the right image creates your world and opens up unexpected opportunities for you. Maya Angelou once said “I have lived in this body all my life and know it better than any fashion designer! I am only willing to purchase the item which becomes me and to wear that which enhances my image of myself to myself.”

People have walked up to me and asked me the question, How do you maintain your lifestyle with all these? – ‘all these’ meaning head to toe in different ensemble daily, yet looking like I have just been shopping the current fashion trends.

The truth is, I have not done any major shopping since my time in the high end retail fashion, and I spent almost a decade in career progression hunting between LK Bennett, Hobbs, Polarn O Pyret and TFS Cambridge. During that period, I acquired major statement and timeless pieces from these companies yet they were stacked at the back of my wardrobe waiting for the appropriate time to be worn. The problem was, when the appropriate time came, I never seemed to have anything to wear and in frustration, I would end up buying again. This continued until I left the retail sector.

side-pearThe truth is as you grow older, you become more aware of yourself, your health, your wealth, your career, your family and what more? your sense of style. Once I hit the three zero age limit, I began to take account of my life, and a lot of  things went through my mind. I realized, there was a need for change and personal transformation. I realized the need for personal branding and the need to allow my hidden personality to shine through. I also realised a lot of things about myself. For example, I realized I am pear shaped and my style is city chic

Fashion fades but style stays they say. I have become an ardent believer in this statement. I was at this stage of knowing my style and experimenting with key fashion pieces in my wardrobe that I went through with the identity transformation, projecting the inner me through my style and I have recognized my style as the City Chic Style, Hence my new sense of style. My answer to those questions is, No I have not been shopping but I have just simply been remixing my wardrobe.

Wardrobe remix is when you reach out to your creative inner self, go out of your normal dress style routine and try something different with the same closet. Trying something different could mean colour blocking, pattern mixing, adding key accessories or looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, the list really is endless. The key thing to remember is bring out the old, recycle and make a new statement, just the way fashion recycles every ten odd years. These are the sort of trend you will experience as I showcase my wardrobe here.

Your current lifestyle and your future success projection will help you to decide the right kind of image to project to your world. Silhouette Trend Stylist show you what is really hiding in your wardrobe and a true reflection of your inner self.

To express inner beauty with smart clothing choices, without becoming slaves to trends that don’t fit your body or personality, Allow Silhouette Trend Stylist to show you what is really hiding in your wardrobe and a true reflection of your inner self.

And so, here, I showcase some of my style transformations… Stand up to be seen, Speak up to be heard, Let your Style so shine!


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