Let’s talk about Lipstick

Beauty Tips: Lauren Conrad’s go-to lipstick rules are as follows:

For fair or pale skin tones, opt for “brighter” reds and coral tones that bring in a hint of orange. This will make your lips pop without giving off a vampire vibe.

For medium skin tones – which tend to be the easiest to match with just about any red – the best looks will be from the “true red” category. A vivid scarlet will look lovely, as will pink-tinged cranberry.

If you have bronze skin, the same wide range applies as it does for medium skin tones. Experiment with pinks and maroons for a hip twist on the red trend.

If you have a dark skin tone, you can a gorgeous pout by opting for rich Bordeaux shades, and even hints of fig and cherry for a dose of fruity fun!

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