Style Inspiration: Jessica Alba Vs Myss

Before I wore this dress for the redefining forty’s birthday theme I had a few weeks ago, I had a go at re-styling this dress for the red carpet. I had planned wearing the dress alone with the silver pumps for the BEFFTA Awards night at the Golders Green Poppadom in London.

There were arguments with my family not to wear the dress because the colour was not in season and I could not wear the silver pumps with the dress. Well I thought to satisfy them and I wore this long velvet skirt over the short, almost mini but figure hugging dress to create the sweeping red carpet look.

It was a very cold day, so this combination saved me from catching a cold and dying of pneumonia. I wore this dress backwards and padded the shoulder up to give it an edgy look, I was happy with myself even if the public could not interpret the look.


That same day, there was a report in one of the gossip magazines on Jessica Alba wearing the same look, just the way I intended to wear it for the red carpet. I adore Jessica Alba and her style; I took inspiration from Jessica and wore it for the birthday party. I must say that I had the winning look that kept me vibrant all night long and this dress has since become my go to dress for the day and for the night, it’s becoming an obsession.
article-2202283-14FBF86A000005DC-174_634x933 (1)


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