Behind My Wheel is a Will to Drive On….


Behind my wheel of life is a will to drive on but
When my wheel is faulty and rusty
When the spokes are reluctant to roll
When my wheel loses its drive
And the heat gets to the skin
When the body begins to tear up
And the underlays are revealed
Then the will behind the wheel will be tested
Then my will shall be tired, angered, haggard and knackered

When the will to go on ceases
When confusion and depression sets in
When the wheel is in disarray, striving, steering and stirring to no avail
When there is no movement and
The wheel is at a standstill
Then I realize that I have made the wheel mine and
I have driven the wheel as mine and to a standstill


When I lose the power to move on
When I lose the drive to rule the world
When my body begins to give way and
The inner layers are exposed
When it feels all hope is gone and
I throw my hands up in defeat
Then I realize the wheel is not mine but His
He gave me the wheel for a reason in this season

When I break down in tears and
My tears turns to weep and
My weep turns to sobs
Uncontrollable sobs like I lost a loved one and
My engine fumes and splutters in annoyance
Then I know it’s time to consult the maker
Then I know it’s time for His will to be done
Not my Will but the Father’s Will

Though I am behind my wheel
I need to surrender the wheel to His Will
For my wheel to move forward
For my wheel to shine through
I need to pray A PRAYER
I need to commit to His will

Then He stretches out His hands in love
He cuddles and scoops me up in love
He smiles at me and says
“Child, despite all I still love you
And you are coming out of the rut
You are coming through
Though weeping may endure for the night
Your joy comes in the morning
You are coming out
You are coming through.”

Hello there,
My name is Ayoola and I enjoy writing poems, articles and stories. My articles are encouraging, inspiring and motivational.
My poems are inspired by life’s experiences, idiomatic encounters and euphemistic writings.
Some of the short stories are realities and some are linked to the bible.
I hope you have enjoyed, you have been encouraged, motivated and inspired by my articles and poems.
Please leave comments, compliments, complaints, rate the articles and ask questions.
Thank you and hope to see you again.


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