Trends: Fringe Necklace

There is something about fringe that transforms your look from day to night. I recently changed my hairstyle from wearing it natural to having a weave with a full frontal fringe, Many people thought I was a new staff at work before realizing that I was the same person they have walked past in this past years.
But I am not here to talk about my newly fringed hairstyle but the new fringe trend subtly wading through the midst of fashionistas and trend lovers.


This trend was abandoned to the western culture and has been recreated several times, either in the flapper dress of the 20’s or the cowboy boots of the noughties. This fringe trend is back with a bang, the pieces will keep you well ahead of trend and transforms your look from day to evening. The fringe style necklace is available in chain, fabric and beads.




The fringed look gives a sparkly movement in a way that layered chains cannot quite capture.



It looks great over a simple top or paired with an edgy blazer and a tank top. You can team it with a nice little black dress like my model below or with a shirt/ t-shirt. The fringe bib is the perfect retro glam accessory and lots of designers are cashing in on it. Whatever takes your fancy, you are bound to go from day to glam.

2013-11-02 16.56.18

2013-11-02 16.56.47

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