$300 million African Prints


ankara-aso-ebi-style-5 ankara-aso-ebi-style-3 ankara-aso-ebi-style-2 tumblr_mosxfzNAke1rduk5zo1_500Dutch fabric company Vlisco has gained firm ground in Africa’s emerging fashion market. The African Queen Fabrics otherwise known as Wax Prints can be bought in corner shops near sellers of dried salt fish, start-up restaurants and at the heart of Granville Arcade in Brixton, a London neighbourhood known for its African and Caribbean populations.

The most prized African wax prints are highly valued by the wide spectrum of African women, who buys in bulk for wedding attires , Aso Ebi, and for individual usage.

That fabric maker that started small has grown into a successful global brand with a turnover that is expected to approach €300 million (about $414 million) this year. That African prints has been worn by celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles, Solange Knowles

Over 90 percent of Vlisco’s sales come from the African continent itself, where, at present, it is one of the only international fashion and apparel brands with a significant presence. You see, Vlisco is a Dutch company.

Here are a few designs custom made by African tailors.




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