Beyonce Blues

Beyonce loves the colour and the colour loves her flawless skin too. She has been seen cavorting in outfit with different shades of blue. She wore it whilst pregnant, she wore it casually, she dressed it all up, she had some shades of it on her wardrobe tours, she accessorised with it and she named her child Blue Ivy Carter. Mrs Carter revealed how to wear the colour of the season in different ways and why you must have the cobalt/Sapphire colour in your wardrobe. Don’t you just love Bey? She subtly teaches us the importance of wearing the right colour for our skin tones. We don our hats for her…

Here are reasons why we must have a number of colour blue items in our wardrobes and how to wear them…


– A blue jumpsuit is definitely a show stopper. Dress up head to toe in this colour and you are bound to turn heads.


– A long royal blue overcoat creates that feeling of royalty, treat yourself as royalty and invest in a piece.


– Looking for nothing fancy for a casual night out with the boyfriend? stay true and grounded and invest on a pair of blue trousers or leggings/jeggings for casual nights out.


– Not too keen on the royal blue/ cobalt colour? You can invest on different shades of blue like this one above. a nice scarf or Mac are investment timeless pieces for your wardrobe.


– Don’t know what to wear for dinner dates or dinner parties? A timeless little blue dress is a stunner for such occassions, invest in one.


– Midi dresses are way to go now for smart looks, a must have for the wardrobe.

blue Ivy Carter

– Introduce your baby to the world in a sneaky and sultry way by wearing the colour that suggests the name you are given your baby. Queen Bey introduced Blue Ivy Carter to the world way before she came to live on earth by covering up in blue ensembles.


– Go OTT(Over The Top) with your favourite colour. Colour your nails in your favourite colour, wear it in accessories or clothing items. Blue is a calming colour and you can reveal your personality through your favourite colour.


– Colour blue is good for the camera, always remember that !


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