Celebrities can’t get enough of it, high street shops are filled with it, we all are loving it and it’s back on trend with a bang! This week I dedicate the wild wild west animal prints trend to Rihanna.

In a bid to show you how you CAN wear the animal prints, Rihanna rocks this trend in her ways…

1. You can match the dress with the accessory. Riri matched the scarf with the dress in this photoshoot which creates a sultry vintage look.


2. Pair it with colours. This breaks up the girl gone wild look and creates a clean look like Riri portrayed in this photo.


3. Pair different colours of animal  prints, it shows creativity.


4. This is a look I will not necessarily go for but if you were an artist like Rihanna or you need to constantly show your creative edgy side, or you have a point to prove to somebody out there, then you could try this edgy style.

Rated R

6. Animal print trench coat is a definite must have in your wardrobe. It’s classy, it’s edgy and it’s timeless. Invest in one.


7. Wear it with a veiled pillbox hat as shown above. Very trendy now! it breaks the norm and shows personality…..




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