Plaids, Checks and Tartan

I am loving the new Autumn/Winter Trend. Plaids, Checks and Tartan are commonly associated with Autumn and they are back with a bang, just pay a short visit to your local high street stores and you will see more than enough collection for your wardrobe trend update.

I thought to share a few of my favorite ways to wear the new trend by one of my favorite celebrities – Jessica Alba and some of my favorite fashion bloggers. There are no hard and fast rules about how to wear the new trend, you just invent your way to wear and see where it takes you.

Here is my way of wearing the new trendVintage Plaid Skirt with Neon Blouse.


                                                                          Jessica Alba in Checks


                                              Melodic Thrifty Chic @


chartreuse-american-apparel-purse-red-plaid-hollister-shirt_400 (1)

                                                          Folake Huntoon @


                                                     Jadore Fashion @



                                                       Sasha Reid @



                                                              Jeeda @

ruby-red-j-brand-jeans-plaid-thrifted-vintage-blazer-american-apparel-socks_400 - Blogger Jonniel76ers

Jonniel76ers @

Men in Plaid + The X Stylez Blog 3


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