Party Purses

Get your PPI – Party Purse Investments Ready

Summer is here, the weather is fair and parties are in full bloom. You have been invited to those parties you cannot avoid to attend already, the invitation packs on your table in the living room or by your bedside sends you reeling through your wardrobe, and you feel you have the perfect dress and the matching shoes sorted for that wedding, Birthday, Christening and any excuse to get dressed up party you cannot avoid to attend ready but have you got your PPI ready too?

I am not talking about the PPI claim refunds but rather I am talking about the timeless party purse or purses(if you feel like splurging) to invest in this season. These Party purse boxes are attractive, practical, versatile and will last a lifetime. What more? They are at a fraction of what you will pay in RRP. Have a quick look below. To buy any of these beauties, kindly contact me for prices and deliveries.

1.  Studs – This PPI is an instant edgy upliftment.



2. Neon – Very trendy this season. An instant outfit pop – up


3. Sequined – Timeless classic party boxes.


4. Metallics – Stand up to be seen in these metallic covered beauties, there’s really no other PPI like these ones.

IMG-20130609-WA0010 (2)

IMG-20130609-WA0015 (2)

IMG-20130609-WA0012 (2)




So what’s your verdict for that lovely dress and the matching shoes. Do you still want to do matchy matchy, or do you want to go retro or edgy?


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